Foreign upper secondary exam – application deadline 15 March


The deadline for applicants with a foreign upper secondary exam to apply for a bachelor programme is 15 March at 12:00 in both quota 1 and quota 2.


Foreign upper secondary exam

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If you have a foreign upper secondary exam and want to apply for admission in quota 1, you must apply by 15 March at 12:00.

What is considered in a quota 1 assessment?
In quota 1, you are assessed solely on your grade averages from your upper secondary exam.

In our statistics, you can see what grade averages were needed for acceptance in 2020 and earlier. Please note that these numbers change from year to year, as they are dependent on the applicants’ average grades.

You can find the statistics here

Should you also apply in quota 2?
In quota 2, you are assessed on both your grades and activities you have participated in after you have finished your upper secondary exam. If you have finished your upper secondary exam in 2020 or earlier, it might be worthwhile to also apply in quota 2 as it will give you an extra chance to be accepted.

If you apply in quota 2, you will also be evaluated in quota 1. This means, if you can be accepted in quota 1, and your grades are sufficiently high, then you will be accepted in quota 1, even though you applied in quota 2.

If you are finishing your upper secondary exam in 2021, you can only apply in quota 1.

Read more about quota 1 and quota 2

Read more about applying in quota 2

Do you meet the entry requirements?
Regardless if you apply in quota 1 or quota 2, you should make sure you meet the entry requirements for the bachelor programme you want to apply for. 

In the column You can find a list of entry requirements for the different bachelor programmes under The Specific Entry Requirements on the page Entry Requirements.

See list of entry requirements under 'Specific entry requirement'

You can check if you meet the entry requirements with your foreign upper secondary exam by finding your country on the list.

See if you fulfil the entry requirements with your foreign upper secondary exam under 'See if your qualifications fulfil in our tables of comparisons'

If you do not meet the entry requirements
If you do not meet the entry requirements, you have different options available. You can for example take a test or take extra supplementary courses.

Read more about tests and supplementary courses under 'Alternative ways to fulfil the specific entry requirements'

English language test:
If you do not meet the English language requirement for the programme you are applying for, and you think your level of proficiency corresponds to the required level, you can take a language test. Note that you must take a test no later than 24 June.

Read more about language tests under 'Alternative ways to fulfil the specific entry requirements'

Supplementary courses  during the summer:
It is not possible to take supplementary courses during the summer. All entry requirements must be met and documented by 5 July at 12:00.

Remember to upload your documentation

Remember to upload all documentation that should be assessed in quota 2 to your application on no later than 15 March at 12:00. This includes:

  • Motivational essay
  • Exam papers
  • Documentation for work experience
  • Documentation for stays abroad
  • Documentation for other education

If you do not already meet the entry requirements, you must upload documentation for meeting them no later that 5 July at 12:00.

We do not accept documentation uploaded after the deadline.

Read more about documentation and what to do if you do not have an exam certificate by 5 July under 'Documentation' here

Confirmation of your application
CBS does not send any confirmation that we have received your application or signature page.

If you apply with a NEM-ID, you will receive an email from once you have approved your application. This is your confirmation that you have applied. You will receive one email per approved application.

You apply without NEM-ID
If you do not have a NEM-ID, you must print and sign a signature page for each programme you are applying for. You must send the signature pages to no later than 15 March at 12:00

Afterwards, you will receive an automatic email response as confirmation that CBS has received your email.

Note that it is your responsibility to make sure all your signature pages are attached to the email.

Read more about signature pages under How to apply > Your application at

Do I need to pay a tuition fee?
The following applicants do not have to pay tuition or application fees:

  • Danish Citizens
  • EU citizens
  • Citizens from Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein

If you have a Danish residence permit, you might be exempt from paying a tuition fee. Read more under "Non-EU/EEA citizens"

If you have questions about admission and application, you can contact:

You can also join a live-chat with bachelor admission - primarily for foreign applicants:

If you have questions about bachelor programmes and choosing a programme, you can contact the Student Guidance Services:

Find contact for the Student Guidance Counsellors

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