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On Thursday 28 July, CBS will send a response to everyone who has been accepted to a bachelor programme at CBS.

Answer to your application

You will receive the answer to your application on Thursday 28 July:

The admission letters will be send out by encrypted e-mail. The admission letters will be sent out starting at midnight and you can expect to receive your reply within the following hours.

In the answer from CBS, you will be informed about which programme you have been accepted to starting 1 September 2022.

One offer for a study place

You will only receive one offer for a study place even if you have applied for several Danish universities. The distribution of places takes place through one system in Denmark and therefore you will only receive an admission letter from the institution that offers you a place.

If you are not offered a study place you will recieve an answer from the Coordinated Admission (KOT) letting you know that you did not get in.  

No available places

Because CBS has far more apllicants than study places, there are no available places. There are also no standby places offered nor a waiting list.

Before you accept your study place

Before you accept your study place, consider whether you feel ready to start studying this year or whether you might be better off taking a(nother) sabbatical year.

Experience from previous years have shown that students that have thought this through will make an easier transition into university life.

So before you accept your study place, please take a minute to read about what is worth considering.

Read Before you accept your study place

Remember to accept your study place

If you are one of the lucky applicants who have been accepted to CBS, you must remember to accept the offer for a study place no later than 1 August at 23.59.

If you fail to accept the offer before the deadline, you will lose your study place.

To accept your study place you must:

  • Click the link in your letter of admission
  • Log in with the username and password in the letter
  • Follow the instructions

Conditionally accepted

If you have been conditionally accepted, you must remember to send documentation for fulfilling the admission requirements no later than 15 September 2022 to:

If you fail to send the documentation on time, you will lose your study place.

Covid-19 and study start

At CBS, we are monitoring the development in Covid-19 closely and we follow all recommendations and guidelines from the authorities.

We want CBS's campus to feel safe for everyone. Consequently, we encourage you to stay home and get tested if you experience any symptoms of Covid-19. Read more and keep updated on

If your are travelling to CBS and Denmark from another country, you can find the current rules of entry on


If you have questions about your application, admission or our study programmes, you are welcome to contact us

Best of luck with your application! 

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