Parents of CBS applicants

Useful information to assist your child in applying for admission to undergraduate programmes at CBS.


If your son or daughter is applying for admission to a bachelor programme at CBS we recommend that you read the following sections.

Please note, that should you contact CBS on behalf of your child, CBS is NOT allowed to share information with you concerning your child's application. As CBS is a public institution, this would be a violation of the Danish Personal Data Protection Law as well as the Public Administration Act.


Information for the parents of an applicant

We recommend that you encourage your child to seek information or contact us on their own, as we often experience that important information is lost when it goes through a third party. 

On you will find the pages for bachelor admission divided into 5 steps. If you go through all 5 steps you will see all the information available concerning admission to a bachelor programme. Go to the 5 steps on bachelor admission

Choosing the right programme is a very personal choice, and the applicants are welcome to contact us to talk through their options. Encourage you child to visit and contact our Student Guidance Counsellors if they need it.


If your child has a non-Danish upper secondary degree

If you are the parent of an applicant with an international background, we recommend that you read the Ministry's guide on Foreign Qualifications for Entry to Higher Education.

Open Days at CBS

Attending an Open Day Event is often the best way to get a feel for the university and to get a lot of information on programme content, admission and student life in one go. Go to the pages for Open Day Events to read more on these events. The day after the first of our Open Days we also have an event for international applicants. Read more about the International Applicant Day.



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