Meet Odin, a student from BSc in International Business

Why did I choose my program?
I chose to study IB at CBS to learn to surround myself with bright minded and goal-oriented people. IB is also a very broad education. It opens a lot of possibilities, which I think is nice, since I don't yet know exactly which direction I want to go. Also, the program is taught in English and is really focused on the global business environment which I find relevant and valuable.

What do I like the best?
What I truly like the most at CBS is my fellow students. There are a lot of bright minds and ambitious people at CBS, but they are also helpful, kind and most eager to socialize and enjoy beautiful Copenhagen. I have made a lot of friends, and I feel that we acknowledge each other’s strengths, be it personally or professionally, and support each other in the best possible ways. I also have to mention the quarterly exam structure. Even though it can be quite intense, it allows you to focus on only two subjects at a time, which I like.

What do I think is difficult?
In the beginning, I felt totally overwhelmed. I was new in the city, had no place to live, and studying IB seemed so difficult. Starting at CBS, I found it a bit difficult to find an adaptive way of approaching the studies in terms of study technique, what to focus on and how to structure my days. It was stressful, but gradually I worked my way through it and things were sorted out. Contributing to that are my improved study techniques and results. Now I genuinely love my CBS and Copenhagen life!

What would I have liked to have known before starting my programme?
I wish someone said to me: ‘Relax, things will be sorted out, you will adapt and enjoy your studies, but it takes time. Give yourself some room and space to find your place as a CBS student’. Also: time flies and you will be surprised how fast the two first semesters pass by. Make the most out of your time, both academically and outside the curriculum. The more you invest in your university years, be it as a student, as a friend, in your part-time job or other tasks you take on, the more you gain.

What do I want to do after finishing my programme?
I could really envision myself working in the consultant world. Gaining insights into many different areas of the corporate world is something I aim for. Consulting provides exceptional opportunities to work with big and small companies, collaborate with talented people, and to travel to new places. In short, I want to embrace every new opportunity to learn, every new experience and every new person I meet.

If I could give myself a piece of advice, before starting it would be…
Study in order to learn, not to obtain good grades. It makes studying much more meaningful and the teaching much more fun!

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