BSc in International Business

Global Supply Chain Management

Global Supply Chain Management is a tri-continental programme focusing on a combination of international business, global logistics and supply chain management. The programme is a collaboration between Copenhagen Business School, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and The University of British Columbia. The programme will bring together 45 top students from three continents, which will create an ambitious and multicultural environment, placing the students in front of both cultural and academic challenges and global opportunities.    


45 talented and promising students will be selected from the three partner universities. 15 students from CBS will study with 15 students from China and 15 students from Canada. The programme will be available to 5 IB students and 10 Shipping students.


The 45 students will study together at the three different partner universities, during their time in the programme. Hereby they will both be hosts and visitors.

CBS – Third semester will take place at Copenhagen Business School
UBC – Fourth semester will take place at The University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.
CUHK – Fifth semester will take place at The Chinese University of Hong Kong


You apply for the programme during the first year of study at International Business.


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