Farah - Japanese track

Meet Farah, a student from BSc in Business, Asian Language and Culture - International Business in Asia

Why did I choose my programme?
While looking at programs, I knew I wanted a program with different aspects to it. I get bored pretty easily. So when I found IBA I knew I hit the jackpot, if offers: Business, so many varieties of courses, and they are so interesting and useful. Culture, I have a big love and appreciation for it. Language, it was completely new to me, and I knew it was gonna be a challenge but not one I wanted to pass on. The combination of the program is unique and so interesting that I had to give it a shot!

What do I like the best?  
I love the diversity, IBA is a very international program which means that a lot of students are from all over the world, and with that comes IBA energy and the social aspect which is fabulous. I like the different aspects of the program and the variety of courses, it never gets boring. 

What do I think is difficult?
Learning a new language, and therefore new study techniques. Also accepting that it can take a while to learn a language. Balancing: work - social life - study – private life (family/significant other).

What would I have liked to have known before starting my programme?
I had no expectations going into IBA, so I was positively surprised by how open and nice my fellow students are. Everyone on IBA is so caring of each other, be it private issues or study difficulties everyone wants to help. IBA is also a very social program so there are always events. The program be it the Japanese or Chinese track recures constant studying and reviewing of the language, specifically the characters. So IBA students are very driven, hardworking, and very social.

What do I want to do after finishing my programme?
After finishing my program I want to take a master's degree at CBS. I don’t know which one yet.

If I could give myself a piece of advice, before starting it would be…                          
1. Is is okay to not understand/read everything in the beginning, but don’t be afraid to ask the professor about the things that you don’t understand. 
2. It is okay to say no to the social event to just chill at home/or to study if that’s what you need. There are always new events, all year around.
3. Review the characters/vocabulary every day or every other day - it’s going to be a big helping hand! 
4. It is okay to not have balance straight away. 

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