Autumn 2021

Here you can read what we expect for the the autumn semester 2021


We expect that Covid-19 will still be an issue during autumn 2021 and that we consequently will be dealing with certain restrictions.

We know how important it is that new students have the opportunity to get to know their fellow students and CBS from the beginning of their study start. That is why we are doing everything we can to ensure that as many activities as possible will be on campus.

However, you should expect that both introductory activities as well as teaching activities will be conducted in smaller groups, and activities that normally involve many students may be cancelled. We also expect that part of the teaching activities for the autumn semester will be online.

Requirements for a negative test

The way things are now, it will be a requirement that you show a negative corona test if you want access to campus. The test has to be less than 72 hours old.

Expected restrictions on campus

We expect that we will have to follow certain restrictions this autumn as well. Currently, it looks like a continued requirement to wear a mask or face shield when on campus and to keep a minimum of 2 meters’ distance.

Stay updated!

The situation is constantly changing, and we are following the reports from the authorities closely. We will update this page as soon as we know more about how study start 2021 will look like and how the teaching for the autumn semester will be.

The page was last edited by: Student Affairs // 04/20/2021