Admission and COVID-19

Here you can find information about corona and the admission in 2020.


The Danish borders are open for students

Many countries have closed their borders due to COVID-19 including Denmark. Some of you are therefore concerned if you can even enter Denmark if you are offered a study place. The borders are open for foreign students who have a study place in Denmark, thus if you are admitted to CBS, you will be able to enter the country. Please be aware that you will need to present your admission letter in order to enter the country.

Autumn 2020

We expect that COVID-19 will still be a significant societal issue this autumn. Click here for more information about teaching and exams in the autumn semester 2020.

Deadline 5 July

The deadline for uploading your final diploma or other documentation remains 5 July 2020.

Final exams and delayed diplomas

For some applicants, the final and qualifying exam has been postponed due to COVID-19. If this is the case for you and you do not have your final diploma before the deadline 5 July 2020, we will be able to postpone the deadline until 10 July 2020. We cannot extend the deadline any further and it will not be possible to get an exemption.

Language test – English

We are aware that some test centers are closed due to the COVID-19 situation and that some tests have therefore been canceled. We encourage you to look into the possibility of taking the TOEFL Special Home Edition, an online test you can do from home. We will extraordinarily accept the home edition from TOEFL for the admission 2020.

You must upload your test result to your application on no later than 5 July 12:00 noon.

If you take a TOEFL test, the TOELF home edition or the normal TOEFL, please note that you must order the result to the CBS institution code: 7035.

You can read about the different language tests and minimum scores here: Entry Requirements

Other language tests – French, Spanish and German

If you are not able to take a language test in French, Spanish or German due to COVID-19, please contact us before the 24th June and we will look into whether or not an individual solution can be found for you. Please write to

You can read about the different language tests and minimum scores here: Entry Requirements

Quota 2 application

Due to Covid-19 activities for quota 2 will only be taken into consideration if they are completed before 12 March 2020. You can upload documentation for these activities to your application on until 5 July 12 noon.

The decision to not take activities after 12 March 2020 into consideration has been made to ensure that the overall assessment will be as fair as possible for all applicants.

The page was last edited by: Student Affairs // 05/29/2020