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BA in Information Management
The BA IM teaches you how companies work with data and information in a digitalised age. You will develop an understanding of digitalisation and knowledge creation in a business context - and learn how to develop and implement modern information solutions.
Note: The programme is under development and may change for admission in 2018. Keep updated.

BSc in Business, Asian Language and Culture - Asian Studies Programme
The BSc ASP teaches you to work with international business economics in an Asian context. You will be given intercultural as well as language skills in Chinese that will enable you to navigate better in the Asian business environment.
Note: The programme is under development and may change for admission in 2018. Keep updated.

BSc in Business, Language and Culture
The BSc BLC teaches you about business conditions in the international market place and the cultural, economic and social differences that companies need to understand to do business in foreign markets. You will also gain language skills in German, French or Spanish.

BSc in Business Administration and Service Management
The BSc SEM combines economics with the special characteristics of a given service. You will gain an in-depth understanding of how to market, sell and organize a service in national as well as international environments.

BSc in Business Administration and Sociology
The BSc Soc teaches you how to understand companies and organisations in their context - and how to analyse the impact of the strategic choices and business decisions they make both within and outside the company.

BSc in International Business
The BSc IB gives you a broad understanding of business economics and strategy in a global context, and you learn how companies analyse and adapt to the challenges that arise when doing business internationally.

BSc in International Business and Politics
The BSc IBP teaches you how economic and political forces are shaping the globalised world - and how companies and political institutions adapt their business strategies and ways of working to meet political challenges.

BSc in International Shipping and Trade
The BSc Shipping provides you with an understanding of the context and strategies of the global shipping industry, and prepares you for efficiently planning and managing shipping operations.


The following programmes are taught in Danish only. For more information please go to the Danish site.

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