International conference


Children's and teen's position in the consumer society


CBS Conference: Child and Teen Consumption 2006

CBS is hosting an international conference on child and teen consumption on 27-28 April 2006. The conference will focus on a number of topics related to children and teens as consumers including a discussion on how children’s and teens’ consumer behaviour is affected by commercials and advertising.

Dialog between research and industry

50 international researchers from 16 different countries will present research on children’s and teen's position in the consumer society, the manners in which children develop their consumer competences and consumer socialization in general. The emphasis is on creating a multi-disciplinary discussion uniting ideas from historical, psychological, sociological, managerial and other social science perspectives.

Important research field

Child and teen consumption is an increasingly important topic in today’s global society, where we are exposed to more than 3000 commercial messages daily. The first international conference was held at the EuropeanCenter for Children’s Products, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Poitiers, France. Due to the success of this first meeting, it was agreed to make it a biannual event. The aim is to establish a dialogue between specialists from a variety of academic disciplines in order to explore the phenomenon of young consumers in today’s society.

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