EU growth plan - a way to save Europe? Find a CBS expert

Growth plan from the EU will inject over 2,300 billion DKK into the European countries to start up investments and growth engine. In cooperation with the European Investment Bank, the EU will make 150 billion DKK available. According to the plan, the rest of the pool will be co-financed by investment funds and pension funds. Public private partnerships (PPP) are a key element for the plan's success. Here you will find the names of CBS researchers who can give a comment on the EU's ambitious growth plan and put it into perspective.



Professor Christina Tvarnø
researches in public private partnerships (PPP) and contract law in Denmark and the EU, and together with Carsten Greve, Professor, she has an extensive network of international PPP experts.

Professor Carsten Greve
researches in public private partnerships (PPP) and the use of private financing in public infrastructure financing.

Professor Jesper Rangvid
researches in financial markets, macro economy, financial crises and EU financial policy.

Associate Professor Erik Caparros Højbjerg
researches in national representation of interests in connection with technical standardisations on EU's internal market.

Professor Thomas Rønde
researches in innovation, industry organisation and competition policy.

Associate Professor Sine Nørholm Just
researches in rhetoric, public opinion formation and the EU, and can comment on how the growth package is communicated to the European/Danish public.



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