Does IT Matter? Jørgen Bardenfleth, General Manager of Microsoft

Denmark, spoke at a recent CBS Executive Event. Bardenfleth discussed the role of IT as catalyst for change and its value in generating productivity...


He shared his views on the key drivers and trends in IT. Furthermore, he also gave an insight into Microsoft as a technology company as well as a good corporate citizen.

Bardenfleth has a distinguished career in the technology sector. Prior to joining Microsoft in 2004, Bardenfleth had previously spent three years at Intel as worldwide General Manager and 12 years at Hewlett Packard of which the last 6 in the role of General Manager. Some of the unique projects initiated during his tenure include the work/life harmony and total customer experience/employee initiatives.

Bardenfleth emphasized the value of IT in changing the way business operates – increasing productivity from the individuals to the organizations as well as the immediate impact on revenue increase and cost reduction. Bardenfleth referred to the dawn of a new paradigm – the Service Orientated Architecture - from functionality-oriented to process-oriented, from design for a specific task to design for modifications and from long development cycles to ongoing developments and roll-outs.

Finally, Bardenfleth gave an overview of Microsoft Denmark and its active engagement in society in innovation, IT security as well as community projects.

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