Essays in Honour of Michael Bogdan



On 5 and 6 December 2013, an international symposium was held at the University of Lund in order to honour Professor Michael Bogdan. He is professor of Private and Comparative International Law and retires at the end of 2013. However, he will continue his research as professor Emeritus. At the symposium, a Liber Amicorum was presented to Michael. The book, ”Essays in Honour of Michael Bogdan”, is intended to celebrate Michael’s unique scholarly career. Five researchers from the Law Department of CBS contribute to the Liber Amicorum: Jan Trzaskowski, Procedural Consumer Protection in Cross-Border Purchases, Kim Østergaard, Piracy, Ole Lando, Lawyers as Authors of Imaginary Literature, Patrik Lindskoug, When is the Property Immoveable and when is the Right in Rem, and Peter Arnt Nielsen, Libel Tourism from a European Perspective. In addition, Patrik Lindskoug is co-editor of the publication together with Ulf Maunsbach, University of Lund.

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