Seminar: Copyright in the EU Digital Single Market

Copyright in the EU Digital Single Market - Report of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) Giuseppe Mazziotti is an Italian attorney and counsel at Nunziante Magrone in Rome specializing in intellectual property law, media law, antitrust law and information technology law. In December 2012 he founded Mediartis, a consultancy firm working at the intersection of law, digital media and creativity, with the aim to partner with individual creators, intellectual property right-holders, startups, Internet and media companies in order to offer them personalized solutions on how to best approach the complex and vast European and Italian digital markets.

Thursday, October 24, 2013 - 16:30 to 19:00

The scope and enforcement of copyright in the digital environment have been among the most complex and controversial subjects for lawmakers all over the world for the last decade. Due to the ubiquitous use of digital technology, modern regulation of copyright inherently touches upon various areas of law, social and economic policy, including communications privacy as well as Internet governance. Modernizing the EU’s copyright framework is considered a key issue to achieve the goal of a EU Digital Single Market in the context of the ‘Digital Agenda for Europe’ launched by the European Commission in May 2010.

How can the EU make copyright fit for purpose in the Internet age? What are the most suitable and realistic policy options in order to achieve the objective of a Digital Single Market in the creative content sectors? To give a comprehensive answer to these questions the Digital Forum of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) conceived and developed a multi-stakeholder dialogue on today’s major challenges for copyright law in the online content sector: licensing rules and practices in the online music and audio-visual sectors; the definition and implementation of copyright exceptions in the digital environment; and the present and future of online copyright enforcement in Europe. Giuseppe Mazziotti was the chairman of the task force and the author of the final report, which has recently become a book containing conclusions and recommendations on EU copyright policy.

Click here to read the CEPS Report on Copyright in the EU Digital Single Market.






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Thursday, 24. October 2013, 16:30


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