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Sergejs Groskovs is a postdoctoral researcher with the Department of Strategy and Innovation at Copenhagen Business School. His work centers on the strategic and organizational issues surrounding digital transformation, as part of the MADE Digital initiative in Denmark. 
In his industry work, Sergejs helps enable and facilitate the processes of strategic change through the research into digital business models, strategies and technologies as well as the design of business processes, management tools and performance metrics.

Sergejs' industry expertise builds on more than a decade of managing research and business development projects in financial services, ICT, consulting, manufacturing and construction. As an educator, he has focused on teaching and supervising projects primarily in strategy, entrepreneurship, business model innovation and research methods.

Sergejs holds a PhD degree in Management (Business Model Innovation) from Aarhus University in Denmark. His education also includes a master’s degree in Information Technology (Product Design) from the University of Southern Denmark and a master’s degree in Management (Market Research) from the University of Latvia.

Primary research areas
  • Strategy as practice - in particular the design of strategy processes, tools, frameworks, KPIs
  • Digital transformation – in particular in the context of larger organizations
  • Business model innovation – in particular the process of change at established firms
Administrative tasks

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Other teaching activities

Selected publications

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Sergejs Groskovs; Torben Pedersen / Business Performance Outcomes of Digitalization : The Case of Construction.
Paper presented at Strategic Management Society 39th Annual international Conference. SMS 2019, 2019
Paper > peer review
Agnieszka Nowinska; Sergejs Groskovs; Ioanna Constantiou / Micro-foundations of Platform-complementor Coopetition
Paper presented at DRUID19 Conference, 2019
Paper > peer review
Sergejs Groskovs; John Parm Ulhøi / The Middle Manager in Search of Business Model Innovation
In: Journal of Business Strategy, Vol. 40, No. 4, 2019, p. 3-10
Journal article > peer review
Sergejs Groskovs; Sreekanth Vemula / Digital Maturity of the Firm's Business Model
In: Academy of Management Global Proceedings, Vol. 2018, No. Surrey, Academy of Management Specialized Conference on Big Data and Managing in a Digital Economy, 2018, 8 p.
Conference article in journal > peer review
Sergejs Groskovs / Designing a Process for Tracking Business Model Change
Paper presented at The Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2017, 2017
Paper > peer review
Sergejs Groskovs / Business Model Innovation : From Understanding the Process to Tracking the Change.
Aarhus : Aarhus Universitet 2016, 230 p.
Ph.D. thesis
Sergejs Groskovs; John Parm Ulhøi / A Technique for Tracking Business Model Renewal
Paper presented at Strategic Management Society 34th Annual International Conference. SMS 2014, 2014
Paper > peer review
Sergejs Groskovs; John P. Ulhøi; Peter Kesting / Business Model Renewal : Process, Barriers and Drivers.
Paper presented at The Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2013, 2013
Paper > peer review
Sergejs Groskovs / Design Talks Business : The Venture Tower Game.
In: Proceedings of the 7th Student Interaction Design Research Conference (SIDeR’11). ed. /Christian Clausen; Yutaka Yoshinaka. Lyngby : Danmarks Tekniske Universitet 2011, p. 37-42
Article in proceedings > peer review
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