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PhD fellow

Room: KIL/14.A-2.43
E-mail: rb.si@cbs.dk
Rita Bonvicini

Rita Bonvicini is a PhD fellow at the Department of Strategy and Innovation. She holds a Master of Science in “Economics and Management of Innovation and Technology” from Bocconi University. Before joining CBS in 2019, Rita worked in the private corporate and banking sector for almost 10 years.

Rita Bonvicini’ s PhD project focuses on the individual-level implications of open innovation. In her fist paper, she studies the effects of open innovation on the wages of R&D workers. On her second project, she is investigating the consequences of open innovation on employees’ well-being. For these studies, Rita mainly uses Danish Registry data from Denmark Statistics (e.g. demographic and labor market data, innovation data and data on prescriptions of stress-related medications). The first paper was presented at SEI (Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Innovation) consortium in Barcelona in 2021, as well as at CCC (Consortium on Competitiveness and Cooperation) in Toronto in 2022.

Primary research areas

Innovation, Diversity, Open Innovation, Collaboration, Employee Wellbeing, Strategic Human Capital, Organizational Change

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Rita Bonvicini; Keld Laursen; Vera Rocha / Which Employees Benefit from Employers' Open Innovation Activities?
Paper presented at DRUID21 Conference, 2021
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