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PhD fellow

Room: KIL/14.A-2.48
Carolyn Rutherford

Carolyn Rutherford is a Ph.D. Fellow at the Department of Strategic Management and Globalization (SMG) at Copenhagen Business School and in the Development of Newly Established Firms in an Entrepreneurial Environment. With over 7 + years in small, creative industries and early growth companies, Carolyn has developed analytical and practical skills in the field of entrepreneurship and innovation. Carolyn is interested in the intersection of creativity, entrepreneurial processes and societal impact. She received an honours degree from Trinity College Dublin in Business Studies and Political Science and a masters in Organisational Innovation and Entrepreneurship with a minor in Design Strategy from Copenhagen Business School.

Primary research areas
  • Entrepreneurial behaviour
  • Strategic decision-making
  • Learning processes in incubator contexts
  • Startup ecosystems 
  • Design thinking 
  • Studio-based pedagogy
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Hubert Buch-Hansen; Lasse Bundgaard; Thomas Burø; Martin B. Carstensen; Joachim Delventhal; Miriam Feuls; Lea Foverskov; Søren Lund Frandsen; Joana Geraldi; Jacob Hasselbalch; Lasse Folke Henriksen; Lotte Holck; Niels Hulgård; Stefan Gaarsmand Jacobsen; Morten Jensen; Søren Jeppesen; Kristjan Jespersen; Morten Knudsen; Joachim Lund; Mette Morsing; Caren Yinxia Nielsen; Morten Ougaard; Irina Papazu; Ursula Plesner; Karl-Heinz Pogner; Lisa Ann Richey; Carolyn Rutherford; Iben Sandal Stjerne; Stina Teilmann-Lock; Lotte Thomsen; Eleni Tsingou; Ann Westenholz / Det er tid til at afvikle den danske produktion af fossil energi
In: Berlingske, 14.11.2019, p. 28-29
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