FAQ in English

Please find the most frequently asked questions and answers below. Should you have questions that are not answered here, please contact us at triple-I@cbs.dk.



Why is this survey being carried out?
This survey is carried out in the context of a larger project called “Triple-I-Research: Investments, Incentives and the Impact of Danish Research.” The project aims to improve our understanding of the way universities, firms and research funders interact and how research impacts society at large. This involves investigating a large variety of data sources and a survey is required to collect those kinds of information that are not contained in archival data.
Who sponsors the survey?
The survey is part of a project supported by the Novo Nordisk Foundation.
I don't engage much with industry and I don't raise external research funding on a regular basis - are you still asking me to complete the survey?
Yes, we would still like to hear from you. For robust statistical analysis, it is crucial to have information across a broad range of individual profiles.
Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns about the survey?
Please contact our team on triple-I@cbs.dk
How can I find information about the results of the research of the project?
Please indicate in the questionnaire whether you would like to be sent information on the research results.
Who is expected to take part in this survey?
We are kindly asking all academic staff affiliated with Danish universities to respond to the survey.
Why are you asking for my views on a specific private funder of research?
We look for new insights regarding the impact of different types of research funding. In particular, we investigate how, from a researcher’s point of view, research funding from public sources, such as the Independent Research Fund Denmark (Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond), interact with the funding obtained from private foundations. We are therefore very interested in obtaining your views on a research funder about which you are knowledgeable. Our research interest is in the GENERAL patterns and trade-offs that will emerge from the survey. We will NOT publish any results on individual private funders. Also, your personal views will NOT become known to any third party, including private or public research funders.


Who conducts this survey?
The survey is conducted by a research group based at the Copenhagen Business School (Project website). The reporting of survey results will be conducted by the research group in collaboration with the think tank DEA (lhttps://dea.nu/taenketanken-dea).
What will the collected data be used for?
We will use the data for scholarly publications in the fields of management and economics. We will also publish reports targeted to policy makers and to the media. However, all these outputs will only contain aggregate information, and no information about individuals or groups will be provided.
Is there a deadline for submitting my answers?
The deadline for providing answers to the survey is 27 October, 2017. The deadline is important to us, as only once we have all answers from the respondents we will be able to start analyzing the data.
Do I have to reply to all questions?
Of course, we would greatly appreciate if you could answer to all questions, as this will increase statistical accuracy. However, if you feel uncomfortable about specific questions, you are welcome to skip them but please follow through with the rest of the survey.
Can I fill in part of the survey and come back to it later?
Yes, you can. When you close the survey window the system will automatically save your responses and you can continue filling the survey up from where you left off when you open the window (through your personal link) again.

Data confidentiality and safety

Will my answers be published?
Your individual answers will never be published or otherwise be disclosed to any party outside the research team. Only aggregate statistical results from the survey will be published, without allowing inference on any individual.
Is the data secure?
The survey is conducted through an online platform called Survey Xact based in Denmark. Once collected the data will be anonymised and stored securely at Copenhagen Business School and CBS’ secure servers at Statistics Denmark.
Who will have access to my answers?
Only the research team. See the team on the project website
How will my answers be processed?
Your individual answers will be included in an overall project data base on a secure CBS server at Statistics Denmark. They will be combined with information that is relevant to pursue the research questions of the “Triple-I-Research” project, such as employment records, patent records, and family-related information.
Will the management and administration of my university have access to my answers?
Universities’ management and administration staff will not have access to individual responses.


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