“How I Did It” Stories

Inspiration and resources to help you use analytics in your work.

"How I did it": PayAnalytics

Dr. Margret Bjarnadottir and Dr. David Anderson are the co-founders of PayAnalytics, a Reykjavik based software company that offers compensation analytics enabling HR managers to measure and address gender pay gaps.

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"How I did it": Predictive recruitment - Praice

Andreas D. Christiansen, CEO and Co-founder of Praice - a Copenhagen-based software company helping companies make data-driven hiring decisions- explains how his team proved the business case for predicting applicant performance in call-centers, by modelling the performance- and behavioural data on existing employees.

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"How I did it": Unleash the Business Value of Diversity

Linda van Leeuwen, an HR analytics analyst at Shell International, explains how her team used statistical analyses to identify the conditions under which Shell could unleash the business value of diversity. 

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"How I did it": Linking Employee Engagement to Customer Experience

Simon Svegaard, Group Business Analytics Manager at ISS Facility Services A/S, explains how his team proved the business case for employee engagement by linking it to business outcomes.

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"How I did it" : Ensuring High Employee Engagement

Thomas Møller Jeppesen, HR Manager for the LEGO Group explains how LEGO works to ensure high employee engagement in the organization.

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"How I did it" : Investigating the business case for staff diversity

Henrik Gjesing Antvor, Senior Specialist, Analytics / People & Culture at Vestas Wind Systems A/S describes how the company researched the business case for staff diversity and, through it, learned about important traits of any leader of successful teams.

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"How I did it" : Analyzing the impact of leadership on values alignment among HQ and subsidiaries

Professor Dana Minbaeva works with a large multinational corporation to understand the impact of parent country nationals in leadership roles in subsidiaries on value alignment.

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"How I did it" : Understanding the relationship between Employee Engagement and Safety

Peter Hartmann, PhD., Business Intelligence Expert at Maersk Drilling and a member of HCA’s Advisory Board describes how he used HR analytics to look at the relationship between employee engagement and safety. This article is based on excerpts from an interview by iNostix.

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