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Human Capital Analytics: Why Aren't We There?

There has been enormous interest in HCA among businesses, consultants, and academics. Analytics has been called a game changer for the future of HR. Nevertheless, organizations have struggled to move from operational reporting to true analytics. 

By: Professor Dana Minbaeva. Introduction to the Special Issue of Journal of Organizational Effectiveness, People and Performance on Human Capital Analytics.

Human Capital Analytics: Why Aren't We There?

Competencies for the future: CBS Master Student Survey

In relation to "VL Døgnet 2017" HCA Group has surveyed the CBS master students about their competences and readiness for the future.

Competencies for the future (PDF)

Building Credible Human Capital Analytics for Organizational Competitive Advantage

Despite the enormous interest in human capital analytics (HCA), organizations have struggled to move from operational reporting to HCA. This is mainly the result of the inability of analytics teams to establish credible internal HCA and demonstrate its value.

By: Professor Dana Minbaeva. Forthcoming in Human Resource Management (Special Issue on “Workforce Analytics”)

Building Credible HCA (PDF)

Too Much Focus on Point Estimates: A Severe Trap in HC Analytics

Many managers use data from a sample and not from the entire population, but that they make the mistake of treating their sample as if it was the population. Overlooking this point can lead to wrong decisions and potential costly mistakes.

This piece discusses how you can use range estimates (or confidence intervals) to analyze your data and make better predictions.

Point vs. Range Estimates (PDF)

Can You Aggregate Individual-Level Data?

Data is often aggregated without much explication of the aggregation method, which can result in several problems and make the interpretation of results difficult. Furthermore, data aggregation often happens for pragmatic reasons, as it can be difficult to collect data at the exact level desired. However, it is possible to examine data to better understand whether aggregation is appropriate in a specific case.

This piece is based on the article Van Mierlo, H., Vermunt, J., & Rutte, C. (2009). Composing Group-level Constructs From Individual-level Survey Data. Organizational Research Methods, 12(2), 368-392.

PDF iconAggregating data (PDF)

Skills Gap in Denmark

Human Capital Analytics Group has conducted a study on the skills gap in Denmark. We surveyed HR managers from the largest companies in Denmark and conducted interviews with company representatives to learn which positions are hard-to-fill, which skills are sought-after, and how companies cope with the gap. 

PDF iconFull Report (PDF) Full report (epub)

Employee Engagement Surveys: The Use and Usefulness

Human Capital Analytics Group has conducted a study on the use of employee engagement surveys in Danish companies. We interviewed representatives from the large Danish companies and major survey providers, and conducted a quantitative research on the use of employee engagement surveys in Denmark

Full Report (PDF) Full Report (epub)

Five costly mistakes companies make when working with human capital data

HCA Groups’ Dana Minbaeva and Larissa Rabbiosi elaborate on the biggest mistakes companies should avoid when dealing with their data.

PDF iconFive mistakes (PDF)

Hvorfor gætte, når du kan vide? Human Capital Analytics

Article featured at Dansk HR's online newsletter (in Danish)

Full article

Samfundsrelevant Forskning På CBS - Socially Relevant Research at CBS

HCA is featured as a case study in a September 2014 Copenhagen Business School publication: Samfundsrelevant Forskning på CBS (in Danish).

 Full Article (PDF)

Stop Guessing - Start Knowing!

Minbaeva, Dana (2014). HR Chefen, DanskHR, 30-34.

Most companies have accumulated a surfeit of workforce data: HR current and historic data, data from employee engagement surveys, customer satisfaction data and other business KPI such as productivity, performance, sales, etc. Yet, only a few make extensive use of data to drive human capital management decisions. Why so? Although we all like the idea of using data to document the value added by HR, we face numerous challenges when we start to act. This article discusses the most sigficiant and often encountered challenges and suggests possible steps that might bring us closer to a key goal: “Stop guessing – start knowing!”

Full Article (PDF)

Sådan bruger du dine medarbejder-data

Minbaeva, Dana (2015). Lederne, Ledelseidag.dk nr. 9, oktober 2015

Article in Lederne on how to use your workforce data strategically (in Danish).

PDF iconFull Article (PDF)


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