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HCA hosts and participates in a wide variety of events including conferences, seminars, trainings, and workshops. Stay updated about our events by joining our Linkedin group.

Human Capital Analytics Group Dana Minbaeva
Human Capital Analytics Group Presentation
Human Capital Analytics Group Workshop

 HCA hosts and participates in a wide variety of events including:

  • Conferences like Academy of Management, Academy of International Business, EIASM
  • Executive briefings
  • Network meetings and conferences
  • Corporate workshops
  • Executive education courses
  • Skill-building workshops and seminars for HR professionals 

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Please contact us at hc-analytics@cbs.dk if you are interested in having one of our colleagues present at your event or company.


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Connecting People and Performance

Connecting people and performance Most companies have accumulated a surfeit of workforce data: current and historic employees’ data, data from employees’ engagement surveys, customer satisfaction data and other business KPI such as productivity, performance, sales, etc. Yet, but only few could make extensive use of data to drive human capital management decisions. A recent study by Deloitte found that only 10% of companies are using analytics to solve talent challenges and only 4% are using analytics to predict and forecast future talent needs and outcomes. Why so? In addition to the need of owning the Big Data of a reasonable quality, developing a solid ground for evidence-based decisions requires having right people - true change agents with strategic mindset, advanced analytical skills and scientific rigor in modeling and interpretation of the results. Value-added The course provides participants with a deep understanding of the nature of human capital analytics and practical toolkit on how to do that. Our goal is to equip the participants with capabilities to measure the impact of human capital on achievement of business goals and based on this to make evidence-based decisions. Course content The following topics will be covered during the course: • Linking people to performance • Tools for analytics (crash course in basic statistics) • How to get executive buy in • How to work with company data • Interpretations of the results • Implementation of the changes Who are we? • Dana Minbaeva, Professor in Strategic HRM, CBS (course coordinator and main faculty) • Thomas Rasmussen, Vice-President HR Analytics, Shell (main faculty) • Phillip C. Nell, Professor, WU (main faculty) • Guest lecturers/corporate speakers Participant profiles We target managers interested in using the insights in human capital data to drive their management decisions. Participants have broad spectrum of responsibilities ranging from internal workforce planning and analysis, HR business partners, and general management. Dates June 1-3, 2015 About “Connecting People & Performance: Human Capital Analystics” http://www.cbs-executive.dk/program/connecting-people-and-performance-human-capital-analytics Regardless of where you find yourself at the moment, performance-led HR is the future. “Human Capital Analytics” is a program that has focus on the use of data to document the value added by HR to the organisational goals. The value of strategic HR is not in the gathering of big data, producing extensive dashboards, or making gigantic spreadsheets. Those things can easily be handled by administrators, IT systems, or external actors. Winning the battle for strategic HR lies in: 1) Changing the mindset, attitudes, and habits associated with the use of evidence for decision making 2) Identifying and asking the right questions, which will link business strategies with HR activities 3) Accepting key responsibilities for implementing change and for managing the changes in culture, process, behaviors, and capabilities that result from analytic initiatives These three themes are exactly the content of the “Human capital analytics”-program that will equip you with a deep understanding of how to use human capital analytics - in practice!