Business Partners

HCA Group partners with businesses and organizations to co-create knowledge, conduct joint research projects, and to build human capital analytics capabilities to support firm's competitiveness.

We are grateful to the following organizations which have contributed knowledge and funding to support HCA Group:



Novo Nordisk DSEB
Oracle CBS Competitiveness Grundfos


HCA Group is proud to be associated with the following organizations:

NOCA Dansk Industri


"I enquired through international contacts about where the best research in this field is done in Denmark, and the Departments for Strategic Management and Globalization popped up. CBS has a good reputation here. They publish in leading journals, and you get access to top notch international researchers at CBS. At the same time, I could see they were already working with the best international researchers that we were already working with. It has enormous influence in the internal processes in the business that the analysis is made by an independent institution like CBS. When you work with HCA's researchers, everyone in the organization will know that the conclusions are solid."

- Thomas Hedegaard Rasmussen, Vice President for HR Data & Analytics, Shell

I consider HCA Group as an excellent buddy! Looking back, it was essential that we started the collaborative research partnership when we did, in 2015, allowing us access to new capabilities and analytical approaches required to bring our program to the next level. It would not have been possible to make such fast progress without them.”

- Pete Jaworski, Director, Workforce Analytics & Planning, Novo Nordisk A/S

"Dana's whole approach is that you need to obtain the data and the knowledge needed in order to drive a professional HR strategy. Why do guesswork, when you can have knowledge? She is a strong proponent of this, and more and more businesses are beginning to see the need for this. However, there is still some way to go from seeing the need to going out and asking the right questions and obtaining the right information. How do you figure out what is important to know? Here researchers can help practitioners."

- Per Geisler Hansen, direktør, NOCA


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