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Primary research areas
  • Commercial competence
  • Market strategies
  • Customer insight and segmentation
  • Customer relationship management
  • Customer value modelling
  • Business development
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Thomas Ritter is Professor of Market Strategy and Business Development. Thomas Ritter’s main research interest is in firms’ commercial competence, i.e. the way firms earn profits. This overall interest can be divided into studies on customer insight and market segmentation, customer value creation and value modelling, customer relationship management, and market strategy development. Projects are either on the operational, execution level (how are things done) or on the executive level (how to lead the market-oriented and customer-centric firm). Thomas’ work has been widely published in journals including International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management and Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing.

  • Marketing Management (Full-time MBA)
  • Business to Business Marketing (M.Sc. elective)
  • BioBusiness Marketing (M.Sc. BioBusiness)
  • Integrated Strategy Projects (Executive and Full-time MBA)
  • CEMS business project under supervision
Other teaching activities

Executive teaching courses and programs for CBS Executive

Selected publications
  • Ritter, Thomas & Achim Walter (2012): More Is Not Always Better: The Impact of Relationship Functions on Customer-Perceived Relationship Value, Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 21, pp. 136-144.
  • Ritter, Thomas & Jens Geersbro (2012): Organizational Relationship Termination Competence: A Conceptualization and an Empirical Test. Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 40, pp. 988-993.
  • Vedel, Mette, Jens Geersbro & Thomas Ritter (2012): “Interconnected Levels of Multi-Stage Marketing: A Triadic Approach”, Journal of Business Market Management, Vol. 5 (1), pp. 1-20.
  • Andersen, Henrik & Thomas Ritter (2008): Inside the Customer Universe: How Unique Customer Insight Drives Profitable Growth and Creates Market Leaders. Chichester, John Wiley & Sons.
Publications & dissemination
Thomas Ritter; Carsten Lund Pedersen / A Project-based Lens for Customer Relationship Strategy
Abstract from BMM-EMAC 8th Biennial International Conference on Business Market Management , 2017
Conference abstract for conference
Thomas Ritter; Carsten Lund Pedersen; Hans Eibe Sørensen / Capabilities for Data-driven Growth in B2B Firms
Abstract from 22nd CBIM Academic Workshop, 2017
Conference abstract for conference
Thomas Ritter; Carsten Lund Pedersen; Hans Eibe Sørensen / DataProfit : Kompetencekort for datadreven vækst.
København : The CBS Competitiveness Platform 2017, 27 p.
Thomas Ritter; Carsten Lund Pedersen; Hans Eibe Sørensen / Dataprofit : A Capability Map for Data-driven Growth.
København : The CBS Competitiveness Platform 2017, 27 p.
Petra Dickel; Thomas Ritter / Linking Environmental Orientation to Start-ups’ Networking Activities
Paper presented at TIE2016, 2016
Thomas Ritter / Market Disruption : Launching Radical Innovations into Business Markets.
Paper presented at ISBM Academic Conference 2016, 2016
Thomas Ritter; Petra Dickel / The Role of Environmental Orientation in Business Networks
Paper presented at 2016 R&D Management Conference, 2016
Thomas Ritter / Beendigung von Geschäftsbeziehungen
In: Handbuch Business-to-Business-Marketing: Grundlagen, Geschäftsmodelle, Instrumente des Industriegütermarketing. . ed. /Klaus Backhaus; Markus Voeth. Wiesbaden : Springer Science+Business Media B.V. 2015, p. 249-259
Book chapter
Jens Geersbro; Thomas Ritter / Does Innovating Customer Relationship Management Improve Firm Performance?
Paper presented at The 31st Annual Conference on Industrial Marketing and Purchasing. , 2015
Thomas Ritter / Stimulating Demand-Side Thinking in Strategy Through Business Models
Abstract from The Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2015, 2015
Conference abstract for conference
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