Department of Strategic Management and Globalization

PhD Programmes

Together with the PhD School in Economics and Management SMG offers a full PhD course Portfolio consisting of foundation courses, methods courses and electives.

As part of being committed to producing cutting-edge research, SMG puts a lot of emphasis on PhD education. SMG senior faculty are committed to allocate considerable efforts to secure funding of scholarships and to teach, supervise and in other ways support our PhD students.

SMG hosts all types of PhD projects. Regardless of the type of finances, in allocation of the primary supervisors SMG strives to achieve the “best match” in terms of the research interests, academic expertize, professional experiences, and time availability.

As SMGers, PhD students are expected to “deliver” on a high level, first and most of all in the research dimension, as research is what drives everything else we do.

Being a good PhD student at SMG means:

1.      Being independent and self-driven. A PhD is a self-initiated project that the student needs to take responsibility for on his or her own. The supervisor is there to advise and guide, not to do the project for them. The PhD student is expected to be intellectually curious and interested in his or her own work.

2.      Delivering on time and usually over-delivering. A PhD student should want to impress the faculty and will do this by doing their work carefully and precisely and by delivering more than what s/he is asked for (doing so will usually also motivate the faculty to invite the student to work with them).

3.      Being a pleasant person to work with. A good PhD student gives the impression that s/he appreciates the time SMG faculty spend on them and welcomes feedback and professional advice.

4.      Being a good colleague: Reaching SMG goals is a general responsibility of all SMGers. The goals are collective ones and require collective efforts, team work and a good deal of collegial and pro-social behaviors. Reaching them is to the benefit of everyone in terms of careers, personal development, and job performance. But, everyone must contribute to maintaining and further improving the research-intensive, highly interactive environment and great social atmosphere that has so far characterized SMG.



The Department's PhD graduates typically find work in academia or similar highly specialized jobs. The list of graduates from the department include:

2004 Dana Minbaeva Professor Department of Strategic Management and Globalization, CBS
2007 Christian Geisler Asmussen Professor Department of Strategic Management and Globalization, CBS
2008 Mia Reinholt Fosgaard Senior HR Business Analyst LEO Pharma
2009 Line Gry Knudsen Education Lead Climate-KIC
2011 Mie Harder Public Affairs Director GRACE PA
2011 Stefan Linder Assistant Professor ESSEC Business School
2011 Simon Torp Associate Professor University of Aarhus
2013 Jacob Lyngsie Associate Professor University of Southern Denmark
2013 Marcus Møller Larsen Associate Professor Department of Strategic Management and Globalization, CBS
2013 Tamara Stucchi Senior Analyst DONG Energy
2014 Michael Friis Pedersen Researcher University of Copenhagen
2014 Kåre Moberg Senior Researcher The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship
2015 Jose Daniel Balarezo Head of Treasury Risk and Control FLSmidth
2015 Johanna Sax Senior Analyst National Australia Bank
2016 Tor Bøe-Lillegraven Head of Big Data eBay Global Classifieds
2016 Olga Zarzecka Postdoctoral Fellow Hong Kong Polytechnic University
2016 Denitsa Hazarbassanova Blagoeva Sales Operations and Analytics PayU
2016 Manya Jaura Lind Futurist Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies
2016 Henrik Jensen Postdoctoral Fellow BI Norwegian Business School


Andreas Distel Postdoctoral Fellow Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics, CBS
2017 Klement Ahrensbach Rasmussen Senior Consultant Danske Bank





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