New publication: "The 4 Types of Project Manager"


New publication: Thomas Ritter and Carsten Pedersen in Harvard Business Review: "The 4 Types of Project Manager"


See publication at: "The 4 Types of Project Manager"

"Few issues garner more attention among top executives than how best to grow their organizations.

However, few executives work systematically with the types of employees they need to realize various growth opportunities.

Your organization’s growth opportunities fall into four different categories, and in order to develop your business in a commercially sustainable manner, you need four specific types of project manager to pursue them.

These types emerged from our ongoing work of understanding how different business development projects can drive strategic renewal in organizations, and the matrix below has helped in capturing potential misalignments between employees and projects.

The employee types and the growth opportunities that they are best at pursuing can be positioned along two dimensions:

(1) Is the growth opportunity in line with our existing strategy?

(2) Can a reliable business case be made? These two questions create a matrix that distinguishes the four different kinds of project leaders, each of which is optimally suited for a different type of project."


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