HCA Network

Many analytics professionals have previously worked in other fields than HR before joining an HC Analytics team. Therefore, many of them have limited knowledge of HR processes and practices in organizations. Often, this makes it difficult for them to see a broader perspective when working with the data, and many of them immediately see problems instead of possibilities and are have problems to ask the right questions. Furthermore, the field of analytics (and HR analytics) is quickly evolving with new technologies and new research constantly being introduced.

HCA Network

HCA Network

Providing an opportunity for workforce analysts to meet and learn from each other’s experiences while being exposed to leading HCA research and analytical techniques. A full year of learning and knowledge sharing facilitated by academic experts at CBS!



  • Seminars to build competencies in all aspects of human capital analytics
  • Online case-solving and exercises improving ability to practically apply competencies
  • Mentor meetings between practitioner and researchers to facilitate knowledge-sharing and co-creation.
  • Webinars and video casts for exposure to newest international research trends 
  • Online platform facilitating knowledge sharing among network members and information exchange
  • HCA Hackaton: cased based events to inspire for practical application



"I joined the HCA Network because I wanted to get gain a deeper insight into how to use HR analytics in practice. How to navigate the difficulties involved in gaining traction with HR analytics. The many presentations from practitioners, consultants and academics all working closely with an aspect of HR analytics was very inspiring.

- Michael Rostock, Global Rewards Analyst, LEO Pharma A/S

"I joined the HCA Network because I wanted to learn from the frontrunners of HR Analytics, on both the academics- and the practitioners side. The HCA Network allowed me to gain inspiration on what kind of HR Analytics project we could undertake, which ones to prioritize, and draw on the experts experience on how to get started. The combination of academics and practitioners ensured that I gained better qualifications on HR Analytics methodology, as well as insights into bringing the analytics projects to life, in a real-life organizational setting."

- Martin Hansen, HR Analyst, DSB


Info and registration:

Period: August 31st 2017 - 31st of May 2018.

The network participation fee is 20,000 DKK (excl. VAT). 

More information HCA Network (PDF)

Registration: Register for HCA Network here


Questions can be directed to: hc-analytics@cbs.dk / +45 3815 2550

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