PWN Copenhagen: The Business Case for Diversity and Gender-Balanced Leadership

Speakers include professor Dana Minbaeva and professor Louise Mors from the Department of Strategic Management and Globalization

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 18:00 to 21:00

In strategy research, diversity is often related to performance outcomes. Strategy researchers study diversity to understand how it links to outcomes and results for firms. That is, they want to build the business case for diversity. Does this sound interesting? Meet three CBS strategy researchers who share the results of their research projects with companies in Denmark and abroad.  

Do diversity initiatives pay off? How do you know? Using the experiences of Human Capital Analytics Group, Professor Dana Minbaeva will talk about the importance of approaching diversity as any other business proposition. She will also underline the significance of understanding the differences between the types of diversity, the differences between diversity and inclusion, and the importance of creating your own evidence-based diversity story. 

The business case for gender-balanced boards: based on a qualitative study of board members representing more than 300 listed firms worldwide, Professor Louise Mors will talk about the challenges boards face in terms of gender diversity, and also some of the opportunities that come from more gender-balanced boards. 

Dr. Jacob Lyngsie will discuss the consequences of involving more women in the upper echelons of companies. A key problem with much of the general discussion is that it takes place on the basis of anecdotes and often questionable data. In contrast, Dr. Lyngsie will present findings based on data from surveys and the rich register data held by Statistics Denmark. Key findings are that more women in senior management is good for innovation, but also that this critically depends on the company’s proportion of female employees.


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