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xuan li

My research is focused on Science, technology and innovation (STI) policy, which constitutes a part of overarching the “Isomorphic-difference” research project. This project takes a cross-national comparative approach to exploring how national systems of innovation in China, Denmark and the US are shaped, translated, and delivered differently while still forging similar links to the global system of innovation governance. I am particularly interested in how three paradigms—curiosity-driven, mission-driven and market-driven—combine forces to collectively shape the final look of the innovation policy in China.

Moreover, I seek to explore key properties of market-driven paradigms aimed at strengthening knowledge-based economy both in the US and China and to see how the key properties of the same paradigm are differed and converged between these two countries. My analytical tool will be including text analysis, qualitative data mining, and semi-structured interviews.  

Primary research areas
State-society governance theory and Democratization theory 
Youth policy and youth civic engagement 
Science, Innovation and society 
Innovation policy 
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Comparative Policy Processes
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Qualitative method workshops
BSc European Business
BSc in Business Administration and Sociology
Selected publications
Xuan Li. 2020. “Investigating Youth Policies through the Lens of Public Narratives 
– Comparing China and Europe.” Journal of Youth Studies.  
Xuan Li. 2020. “The Critical Assessment of the Youth Policy and Youth Civic Engagement in Denmark and Three Danish Municipalities.” Children and Youth Services Review, January, 104743. 
Xuan Li. 2019. “Rethinking Youth Policy Model in Europe and Its Constituents: Civic Learning and Civic Engagement.” Urban Research & Practice. 
Xuan Li. 2019. “Where Cyber Crime and Exploitation Meet: The Solarie Oriental Prison.” Antislavery Early Research Association (blog). 
Xuan Li, Yibao Wang. 2014. “The Implication of Mancur Olson’s Collective Action Theory on Public Administration Reform in China. (Jiyu Aoer Sen Feibang Lilun de Shichang Tuozhan Xing Zhengfu Zhineng Zhuanbian)” Commercial Times, Beijing, China.
Publications sorted by:
Xuan Li / Investigating Youth Policies through the Lens of Public Narratives : Comparing China and Europe.
In: Journal of Youth Studies, Vol. 24, No. 5, 2021, p. 614-633
Journal article > peer review
Aixa Aleman-Diaz; Signe Vikkelsø; Jane Bjørn Vedel; Alan Irwin; Julia Kirch Kirkegaard; Xiaobai Shen; Xuan Li / National Science and Innovation Policy : Between Curiosity, Market, and Mission .
Abstract from EU-SPRI, 2021
Conference abstract for conference > peer review
Xuan Li / Rethinking Youth Policy Model in Europe and its Constituents : Civic Learning and Civic Engagement.
In: Urban Research and Practice, Vol. 13, No. 1, 2020, p. 97-108
Journal article > peer review
Xuan Li / The Critical Assessment of the Youth Policy and Youth Civic Engagement in Denmark and Three Danish Municipalities
In: Children and Youth Services Review, Vol. 110, 3.2020
Journal article > peer review
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