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  • Centre for Public Organization, Value and Innovation (POVI)
Vibeke Kristine
PhD fellow

Room: KIL/14.A-4.50
E-mail: vks.ioa@cbs.dk

PhD project (working title): Healthcare Innovation from an Organizational Everyday Perspective

I study innovation processes at a Danish hospital and describe how patients, staff and managers experience innovation as changing temporal structures i.e. duration, tempo and synchronization in daily work practices. The combination of different theoretical perspectives will identify opportunities for creating new paths in organizations by exploring what happens in the intersection between healthcare innovation and temporal structuring. One purpose of the project is to produce specific knowledge on innovation management processes within healthcare.

Primary research areas
  • Healthcare Innovation
  • Temporality
  • Work Organization
  • Practice Theory
  • Ethnography
Curriculum Vitae
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Helge Hvid; Vibeke Kristine Scheller / Workplace Innovation as Institutional Entrepreneurship
In: Workplace Innovation: Theory, Research and Practice. . ed. /Peter Oeij; Diana Rus; Frank D. Pot. Cham : Springer 2017, p. 171-187 (Aligning Perspectives on Health, Safety and Well-Being)
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