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My current research revolves around two main topics. On the one hand, I’ve since my PhD been preoccupied with the history and foundational problems of Organization Theory – in particular with what has happened to the core object of Organization Theory, i.e. ‘organization’.

On the other hand, I’m involved in a large research project on ‘the ethics of office’ in state service. In conjunction with this, my research explores the conditions for and critiques of bureaucratic office-holding, with a primary emphasis on Denmark. These two lines of research currently intersect in a study of anti-statist left- and right-wing critiques of formal organizational principles.

Primary research areas

Organization theory

Bureaucracy and formal organization

Ethos of office / state service

Curriculum Vitae
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Organization theory – HA(fil.)

Strategy – Master of Public Governance


I supervise projects at bachelor and master levels. My key areas of expertise include: Management, organization, strategy, and administration within the public as well as the private sector. I have previously supervised projects on a wide range of topics such as, for instance, bureaucracy, co-creation, the history of organization theory, creativity, philosophy, and political economy.

Selected publications

du Gay, P. and T. Lopdrup-Hjorth (2016) “Fear of the formal”, European Journal of Cultural and Political Sociology, 3(1): 6-40.

Lopdrup-Hjorth, T. (2015) “Object and Objective Lost? Organization-Phobia in Organization Theory”, Journal of Cultural Economy, 8(4): 439-461.

Lopdrup-Hjorth, T., M. Gudmand-Høyer, P. Bramming and M. Pedersen (2011): “Governing Work through Self-management”, editorial in Ephemera: theory & politics in organization, 11(2): 97-104.

Gudmand-Høyer, M. & T. Lopdrup Hjorth (2009): “Liberal Biopolitics Reborn”, Foucault Studies, nr. 7, pp. 99-130.

Publications sorted by:
Paul du Gay; Thomas Lopdrup-Hjorth / Organizing States : The Continuing Relevance of Formal Organization Within Political Administration.
In: Organization Theory, Vol. 5, 3.2024
Journal article > peer review
Anne Roelsgaard Obling; Thomas Lopdrup-Hjorth / Blowing the Whistle in National Security and Defence Organizations : Navigating the Tensions Between Transparency and Secrecy.
Paper presented at XX ISA World Congress of Sociology, 2023
Paper > peer review
Cara Reed; Alexandra Bristow; Thomas Lopdrup-Hjorth; Gabriela Spanghero Lotta / Expert Futures? : Re-examining the Role of Experts and Expertise in Organizations and Organizing.
In: Organization, 2023
Paul du Gay; Thomas Lopdrup-Hjorth / ”Reason of State” As an Organising Stance for the World As We Find It
Paper presented at XX ISA World Congress of Sociology, 2023
Paper > peer review
Paul du Gay; Thomas Lopdrup-Hjorth / For Public Service : State, Office and Ethics.
Abingdon : Routledge 2022, 183 p. (CRESC. Culture, Economy and the Social)
Book > peer review
Cara Reed; Alexandra Bristow; Thomas Lopdrup-Hjorth / Sub-theme 31 : Imperfect Knowledge: Re-examining the Role of Experts and Expertise.
Brussels : European Group for Organizational Studies 2022
Other contribution
Thomas Lopdrup-Hjorth; Paul du Gay / Speaking Truth to Power? : Anti-bureaucratic Romanticism from Critical Organizational Theorizing to the White House.
In: Organization, Vol. 27, No. 3, 5.2020, p. 441-453
Journal article > peer review
Paul du Gay; Thomas Lopdrup-Hjorth; Kirstine Zinck Pedersen; Anne Roelsgaard Obling / Character and Organization
In: Journal of Cultural Economy, Vol. 12, No. 1, 2.2019, p. 36-53
Journal article > peer review
Thomas Lopdrup-Hjorth / Disruptor in Chief
In: Ephemera: Theory & politics in organization, Vol. 19, No. 3, 2019, p. 663-670
Book review
Thomas Lopdrup-Hjorth; Anne Roelsgaard Obling / Monstrous Rebirth : Re-instating the Ethos of Bureaucracy in Public Organization.
In: Organization, Vol. 26, No. 6, 11.2019, p. 830-852
Journal article > peer review
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