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E-mail: sq.ioa@cbs.dk

My research concerns the role of central banks in the emerging sustainable finance regime, as central bankers are increasingly starting to acknowledge their responsibility for fostering change when it comes to the climate crisis. My research will explore how central bankers mainstream sustainable investments by internalizing climate related risk assessment by individual central banks, and as part of global expert networks such as the Network for Greening the Financial System.

My analytical approach is situated within the fields of international political economy and economic sociology. Other interests include the global financial crisis, shadow banking and post-crisis regulation in the EU in particular the banking union and capital markets union.

Primary research areas

•    Central banks in post-crisis political economy
•    Sustainable finance
•    Financial regulation
•    Elites and expert networks

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Selected publications

The ECB's half-baked supervision mandate or, how to get serious about shadow banking again (co-authored with Jakob Vestergaard), Foundation for European Progressive Studies, 2019

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Stine Quorning / Opgiv de sorte investeringer nu, ellers vil den grønne omstilling udløse en finanskrise
In: Politiken, 17.5.2020, p. 26
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