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Peer Hull
Professor emeritus
Dr. merc

Room: KIL/14.A-4.68
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Publications & dissemination
Peer Hull Kristensen; Glenn Morgan / Danish Foundations and Cooperatives as Forms of Corporate Governance : Origins and Impacts on Firm Strategies and Societies.
In: Shaping the Corporate Landscape: Towards Corporate Reform and Enterprise Diversity. . ed. /Nina Boeger; Charlotte Villiers. Oxford : Hart Publishing 2018, p. 271-288
Book chapter
Charles Sabel; Gary Herrigel; Peer Hull Kristensen / Regulation under Uncertainty : The Co-evolution of Industry and Regulation in the Norwegian Offshore Gas and Oil Industry.
In: Regulation & Governance, 7.6.2017
Journal article
Peer Hull Kristensen / Constructing Chains of Enablers for Alternative Economic Futures : Denmark as an Example.
In: Academy of Management Perspectives, Vol. 30, No. 2, 5.2016, p. 153-166
Journal article
Peer Hull Kristensen / Developing Comprehensive, Enabling Welfare States for Offensive Experimentalist Business Practises : Part 2.
In: International Buddhist University Journal, No. 61, 3.2016, p. 379-406
Journal article
Peer Hull Kristensen; Kari Lilja; Eli Moen; Glenn Morgan / Nordic Countries as Laboratories for Transnational Learning
In: Nordic Cooperation: A European Region in Transition. . ed. /Johan Strang. Abingdon : Routledge 2016, p. 183-204 (Global Order Studies, Vol. 8)
Book chapter
Maja Lotz; Peer Hull Kristensen / Organizing for Co-creation and Multi-polar Learning Communities
In: Capitalizing on Creativity at Work: Fostering the Implementation of Creative Ideas in Organizations. . ed. /Miha Škerlavaj; Matej Černe; Anders Dysvik; Arne Carlsen. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar Publishing 2016, p. 245-257
Book chapter
Peer Hull Kristensen / Developing Comprehensive, Enabling Welfare States for Offensive Experimentalist Business Practises : Part 1.
In: International Buddhist University Journal, No. 60, 9.2015, p. 509-536
Journal article
Peer Hull Kristensen / Fighting the Financial Crisis : The Social Construction and Deconstruction of the Financial Crisis in Denmark.
In: Elites on Trial. ed. /Glenn Morgan; Paul Hirsch; Sigrid Quack. Bingley : Emerald Group Publishing 2015, p. 371-398 (Research in the Sociology of Organizations, No. 43)
Book chapter
Peer Hull Kristensen; Maja Lotz / Multinationals of Industrial Co-development : Co-creating New Institutions of Economic Development.
In: The Changing Worlds and Workplaces of Capitalism. ed. /Seán Ó Riain; Felix Behling; Rossella Ciccia; Eoin Flaherty. Basingstoke : Palgrave Macmillan 2015, p. 164-181 (International Political Economy Series)
Book chapter
Peer Hull Kristensen / Productive Enterprise in Search of a Regime : Moving Sensemaking from Past Phantom Communities to "Ends In Sight".
In: Sources of National Institutional Competitiveness: Sensemaking in Institutional Change . . ed. /Susana Borrás; Leonard Seabrooke. Oxford : Oxford University Press 2015, p. 41-59
Book chapter
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