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My research currently focuses on the development of China´s Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) system. I examine this development as part of broader politico-economic processes, and how they relate to China´s economic, political, and ideational relations with the outside world. As part of a larger research project led by Alan Irwin, I furthermore contribute to comparative research examining isomorphism and difference across the American, Danish and Chinese cases.

My PhD-dissertation develops a novel methodological globalist research agenda, which is applied in an examination of China´s economic and social development after 1978. The dissertation combines International Political Economy, historical and comparative sociology, and literature on the development and impact of ideational changes on economic institutions.

I hold a BA in Chinese studies as well as a B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Sociology and take a broad interest in China´s economic and political development, particularly how China´s interaction with the outside world in general and the West in particular has influenced China´s modern development.

Primary research areas

•    China´s political economy
•    China´s Science, Technology and Innovation policy and development
•    International Political Economy and Comparative Political Economy
•    Historical and comparative sociology relating to economic and social development

Curriculum Vitae
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Comparing Societies and Economic Systems (Public Management master program at Sino-Danish Centre in Beijing)


•    I am interested in supervising bachelor projects and master theses relating to science and technology development in China, as well as economic and social development.
•    Historical and comparative sociology relating to China and in general
•    International Political Economy

Selected publications

•    Dehlholm, Mikkel (2020): Global capitalism and the Rise of the Market-Leninist Developmental State – A methodological globalist analysis of China’s economic and social development since 1978. (Ph.D.-dissertation, Department of Sociology, Copenhagen University)
•    Dehlholm, Mikkel & Pedersen, Ove K. (2018): Succes eller Fiasko? –Et komparativt blik på den danske konkurrencestat (Success or Failure? –A comparative analysis of the Danish competition state). Dansk Sociologi nr. 2/29. årg. 2018.
•    A methodological globalist approach to the Chinese political economy. Working paper presented at the 15th East Asia Net Workshop in Lodz, Poland 2018.
•    Towards a methodological globalist approach to welfare regime studies. Working paper presented at the East Asian Social Policy conference in Taipei 1-2 July 2016.
•    Dehlholm, Mikkel & Jensen, Mia K. (2015): Chikane og Problemskabende Adfærd i Udsatte Almene Boligområder.    Als Research. Research report written for the Danish Ministry of Integration and Housing

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