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PhD fellow

Room: KIL/14.A-3.43

My main research project for now is my PhD Project. Through ethnographic methods, the project studies intra-organizational dynamics of ‘transformational leadership’ the way it is implemented as a particular leadership philosophy in a Danish sports and fashion apparel company. By focusing on organizational culture and leadership practices, understood as two interrelated phenomena, the project investigates the cultural context in which the leadership practices take place.

Critical Discourse Analysis is used as a tool to analyze the ethnographic data and is expected to bring about a challenging and nuanced understanding of the intra-organizational dynamics created by a transformational leadership model based in Buddhism. As a transformative leadership style, it opposes more control-oriented and old-fashioned leadership styles often practiced in the Danish fashion industry. However, the differing leadership styles co-exist in the organization and creates intra-organizational tensions and dynamics in the organization.

Primary research areas

Leadership practice

Organizational Culture and Identity

Human Research Management

Organizational Psychology

Qualitative Methods

Organizational Ethnography

Critical Management Studies

Discourse Analysis

Danish Fashion Industry

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