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marie arnbak hartzberg

My area of interest lies within organisational psychology. More specifically, I am interested in the phenomenon of negative work-related stress in relation to collective (distributed) emotions. Often negative work-related stress is viewed as an individual problem in organisations and treated with i.e. cognitive behavioral therapy or mindfulness tools. Over the past couple of years a growing number of both theorists and practitioners have pointed to a more shared relational and environmental approach to negative work-related stress. In my research, I focus on how organisations can develop an environment of distributed emotions that allows for certain ways to understand (appraise) and cope with negative work-related stress leaving employees certain (more or less) effective ways to avoid it. The aim of my PhD is to clarify what role distributed emotions play in the appraisal and coping of negative work-related stress and how negative work-related stress is spreading through an organisation (how is it contagious?).

Primary research areas
Negative work-related stress
Emotions in organisations
Organisational psychology
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