Department of Organization

Lea Acre
PhD fellow

Room: KIL/14.A-4.44
E-mail: lf.ioa@cbs.dk

I am interested in networks of professionals and experts and how they institutionalize knowledge. To analyse the state of affairs of intergenerational equity in the European Union, my PhD project combines the study of the fast-paced and politically charged crisis of youth unemployment with the more slow-moving issue of pension reform. By analysing the issues through the lens of expert networks, the PhD will lead to an understanding of the knowledge, expertise, and arguments employed by policymakers and professionals in EU institutions and other organisations in the formulation of policies since the financial crisis in 2008. By going beyond the study of institutionalised actors in the European Union, the PhD will lead to insights on the importance of networks in this otherwise ‘thick’, institutionalised, and political environment.

Primary research areas
  • Intergenerational equity
  • Youth unemployment
  • Pension reform
  • Professions in International Political Economy
  • European policy communities and regulatory networks
Social media
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  • International Political Economy (B.Sc. IBP, 3rd semester)
  • Political and Economic Thought (B.Sc. IBP, 1st semester)