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PhD fellow

Room: SBV/22-2.01

My research focuses on the factors that determinate innovation outcomes. I am interested in complex systems of innovation that is made up by private and public actors, stakeholders and governed by formal and informal institutions. My PhD focuses on the development of Smart City solutions and specifically the actors involved in supplying and demanding the innovations urban areas are in urgent need of to combat climate change and increased urbanization. I will be looking into various partnership models between cities and external actors, as well as investigating the role played by public procurement budgets in pushing the innovation development. The project is an Industrial PhD, which means I spend half of time at Copenhagen Solutions Lab, the City of Copenhagen’s Smart City governance unit. The PhD is part of the Innovation Fund’s call for Public Industrial PhD focusing on innovation in public organizations, furthermore it is partially funded by Realdania, who aim to support research into innovation in urban environments.  


Primary research areas
  • Systems of Innovation
  • Public Procurement for Innovation
  • Smart City
  • Public-Private Innovation Partnerships
  • Pre-Commercial Procurement
  • Mission-oriented Innovation
  • The Entrepreneurial State
Curriculum Vitae
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Mike Cooray; Rikke Duus; Lasse Bundgaard / Technology is not Enough to Create Connected Cities – Here’s why
Net publication - Internet publication
Rikke Duus; Mike Cooray; Lasse Bundgaard / Teknologi er ikke nok : Her er tre pointer, der skaber mere intelligente og bæredygtige byer.
In: Berlingske, 10.10.2017, p. 32
Contribution to newspaper - Feature article