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  • Centre for Advanced Studies on Project Management
Professor emeritus

E-mail: kk.ioa@cbs.dk

I am interested in organization, order, efficiency, collaboration, coordination, choice etc. as variegated effects of historical, social processes. I study these processes, their circumstances and dynamics, from which I try to deduce managerial challenges and issues.

I am interested in what people learn from experience, and what might rationally be learnt. What cannot be learnt, but which is often falsely learnt, is how to manage organization, how to make the right decisions, etc. It is all the reasons why - under naturalistic conditions - it is difficult to manage organizations, to make the right decisions, etc. that can be learnt.

Primary research areas
  • Organization Theory
  • Project Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Decision-making
  • Architecture and Construction
Curriculum Vitae
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Selected publications
  • Mindeværdige projekter: Handicaporganisationernes Hus, Torvehallerne på Israels Plads og M/S Museet for Søfart. København: Samfundslitteratur, 2017. Kristian Kreiner; John Haukeland.
  • Accounting, Decisions and Promises. I: Accounting, Organizations and Society, Vol. 49, No. 2, 2016, s. 21-31. Jan Mouritsen; Kristian Kreiner.
  • Tacit knowledge management: The role of artifacts. I: Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. 6, No. 2, 2002, s. 112-123. Kristian Kreiner.
  • Rationality, Imagination and Intelligence : Some Boundaries in Human Decision-Making. I: Industrial and Corporate Change, Vol. 9, No. 4, 2000, s. 659-681. Mie Augier; Kristian Kreiner.
  • Projektledelse i løst koblede systemer. Søren Christensen; Kristian Kreiner. København: DJØFs forlag, 1991.
  • Restoring Project Success as Phenomenon. In Projects and Organizations – Theory and Research Practice. Lundin, Rolf A. & Markus Hällgren (EDS.) forthcoming
  • Fejl i byggeriet? Når erfaringen fører os på vildspor. København: Nyt Teknisk Forlag.
  • The value of style in architectural practice. Culture and Organization, Volume 17 Issue 2, 139 - 153  (with Martin Kornberger and Stewart Clegg).
  • Architectural Competitions – Empirical Observations and Strategic Implications for Architectural Firms. In The Architectural Competition. Research Inquiries and Experiences. Magnus Rönn, Reza Kazemian & Jonas E. Andersson (Eds.). Stockholm: Axl Books. Pp. 101-124.
  • Dialogues and the Problems of Knowing. Reinventing the Architectural Competition (with Peter Holm Jacobsen and Daniel Toft Jensen). Scandinavian Journal of Management Vol. 27(1), pp. 160-166.
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Kristian Kreiner / Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism : And Still Standing.
In: SCOS Searching Collectively for Our Soul. ed. /Thomas Taro Lennerfors; Laura Mitchell. Napoli : Editoriale Scientifica 2019, p. 195-201 (Punto Org Book Series)
Book chapter > peer review
Kristian Kreiner / Architecture Competitions Made in Denmark
In: The Competition Grid: Experimenting eith and within Architecture Competitions. . ed. /Maria Theodorou; Antigoni Katsakou. London : RIBA Publishing 2018, p. 63-71
Book chapter > peer review
Ioanna Constantiou; Arisa Shollo; Kristian Kreiner; Morten Thanning Vendelø / Digitization in Maritime Industry : Coping with a Vessel's Engine Failure.
In: ECIS 2017 ProceedingsAtlanta, GA : Association for Information Systems. AIS Electronic Library (AISeL) 2017, p. 1663-1677 (Proceedings of the European Conference on Information Systems)
Article in proceedings > peer review
Marc Angélil; Kristian Kreiner; Joris Ernest Van Wezemael / Discourse on the Potentials for Innovation in Contemporary Planning
In: disP - The Planning Review, Vol. 53, No. 1, 2017, p. 82-86
Comment/debate > peer review
Kristian Kreiner; John Haukeland / Mindeværdige projekter : Handicaporganisationernes hus, Torvehallerne på Israels Plads og M/S Museet for Søfart.
Frederiksberg : Samfundslitteratur 2017, 98 p.
Kristian Kreiner / The Competition Between Creativity and Legitimacy
In: Architecture Competition: Project Design and the Building Process. . ed. /Ignaz Strebel; Jan Silberberger. Abingdon : Routledge 2017, p. 45-58 (Design and the Built Environment)
Book chapter > peer review
Jan Mouritsen; Kristian Kreiner / Accounting, Decisions and Promises
In: Accounting, Organizations and Society, Vol. 49, 2.2016, p. 21-31
Journal article > peer review
Kristian Kreiner / The Inaccessibility of Building Accessibility : Giving Visual and Material Form to Innovation.
In: Architectural Competitions as Institution and Process. ed. /Jonas E. Andersson; Gerd Bloxham Zettersten ; Magnus Rönn. Stockholm : Kungl. Tekniska högskolan I Stockholm 2016, p. 35-61 (TRITA-ARK-Forskningspublikationer, No. 2016:2)
Book chapter > peer review
Marianne Stang Våland; Kristian Kreiner / Arkitektur i ord og gerning
In: Arkitekten, Vol. 117, No. 10, 2015, p. 26-31
Journal article > peer review
Arisa Shollo; Ioanna Constantiou; Kristian Kreiner / Knowledge Integration in Developing Distant Problem Solving Processes : The Case of Diesel Engine Failure in Cargo Vessels.
Paper presented at The 31st EGOS Colloquium 2015, 2015
Paper > peer review
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