Department of Organization

PhD fellow

Room: KIL/14.A-4.50b
E-mail: dho.ioa@cbs.dk
David Howoldt

For my PhD project, I conduct comparative innovation policy studies in a European context. Mainly, my project focuses on changes in the distribution and allocation of funding for research and innovation in countries with high-performing innovation systems. It devotes particular attention to the impact of EU innovation policies on the domestic level and to new innovation policy approaches in the face of so-called “Grand Challenges”, e. g. climate action and demographic change.

Primary research areas

Innovation and Research Policy

European Union Politics and Policies

20th century Political Theory

Theories of Knowledge

Curriculum Vitae
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Selected publications

The Europeanisation of Research Policy. Effects of the European Research Council in France, Poland and Germany (MA thesis), 2016
(“Europäisierung der Forschungspolitik. Die Auswirkungen des European Research Council in Frankreich, Polen und Deutschland“)

Published online at:



Annual Report 2015–16 of the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design, in-house publication, 2016

Heinrich Klotz – Rektoratsreden, eds. David Howoldt et al., Ausnahme-Verlag, Karlsruhe, 2010



Co-organization and -teaching of workshop “Drawing boundaries between good scientific practice and misconduct” for the Summer School „Boundaries in Science and Education Research“ at the International Centre for Higher Education Research (INCHER), Kassel University, Germany, October 2017