Office as Vocation: Reinstating the Ethics of Office in Public Service


Office as a Vocation is a research programme funded by the Velux Foundation and located in the Department of Organization (IOA) and the Public-Private Platform at Copenhagen Business School. The programme, which consists of five discrete but inter-related projects, will run for three years from January, 2016. Its main aim is to explore the place of the ethics of office – often termed ‘role morality’ - within the history of ethical thought and the institutions and comportments of public service. At the same time, however, the programme also seeks to indicate the contemporary significance of the ethics of office for the practical conduct of a range of official public duties, and, indeed, to the production of a well functioning and responsible civil state, The aim here is to revitalize the discussion and practice of public service ethics by indicating the indispensability of the ethics of office to the responsible conduct of governance, not least in the context of a series of rapid, controversial and ongoing reforms of a wide range of public institutions, including civil service and healthcare systems, and the armed forces.

You can read more about the project on the Public-Private Platform's website.

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