Externally funded projects

As a modern business school, Copenhagen Business School seeks to attract research beneficial to both society and business. Below is a list of current and completed externally funded research projects, which Department of Organization are or have been involved in.

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AcronymTitlesort descendingTypeStatusStart
Ny organisering og innovation på hjertecenteretPublic (National)Finished20-04-2020
2023 Workshop in Post-Growth BureaucraciesPrivate (National)Running18-08-2023
NetCareersCareers through Complex Networks - NetCareersPrivate (National)Finished01-07-2020
CaPsCitizens as Pilots of Smart CitiesPublic (International)Finished01-01-2020
Conference participation abroadPrivate (National)Running01-09-2023
Conference participation abroad - HarvardPrivate (National)Finished23-08-2023
CLONEConsequences of Long-term OrgaNizational EmbeddednessPrivate (National)Running21-06-2022
CoDaControversial Data and Algorithms: Digital solutions to crises of public trustPrivate (National)Running01-01-2021
D&I Interventions in the Construction Industry: Development, Implementation & EvaluationPublic (National)Running01-01-2023
Diversity in Management RecruitmentPublic (National)Finished01-08-2019
NICHESExpert Niches: How Local Networks Leverage MarketsPrivate (National)Finished01-12-2017
Formation of rape myths in policing. Research Stay at Harvard UniversityPrivate (National)Running01-09-2023
Green transition through dynamics of problematizations: How forms of expertise influence the financial and social valuation of energy resources in DenmarkPublic (National)Finished01-01-2021
Industrial PhD Center for Offentlig Innovation (COI)Public (National)Finished01-07-2018
HUM/CBSIndustrial PhD: Talent development in Hummel A/SPublic (National)Finished05-05-2014
Investigating the distinctive features and resilience of human resource management in the Nordic countries: A longitudinal and cross-national study Public (International)Running01-01-2022
Isomorphic differencesIsomorphism and Contextuality: national policies for science, competitiveness and innovationPublic (National)Finished01-08-2018
LONGLINKSLongitudinal Elite Networks (LONGLINKS)Public (National)Finished01-06-2018
MAKING DISTANT FUTURES ACTIONABLE: Innovating for a zero-carbon futurePrivate (National)Running01-01-2021
Magtudredningen 2.0Public (National)Running01-01-2024
NESTNested Ethnographies of Skills TransferPublic (National)Finished01-01-2019
FINTECHOpening Up Disruption - A study of Fintech in the Danish financial sectorPrivate (National)Finished01-05-2018
Organisering af samarbejde mellem grundskoler og erhvervsliv i DanmarkPublic (National)Running01-01-2023
Organizing police encounters with victims of crimePublic (National)Finished01-01-2020
Otto Mønsted Visiting Professor - Donald Tomaskovic-DeveyPrivate (National)Running03-06-2018
PhD Pernille Slot, AdvokatsamfundetPublic (National)Finished01-01-2021
PhD: International research and innovation collaboration between Europe and China: a comparative perspectivePublic (National)Running01-09-2023
Plasten i det cirkulära samhället: Alternativ organisering bortom resurseffektivitetPublic (International)Running01-12-2021
Politics of the European Green Deal: What is the role of missions?Private (National)Finished01-01-2022
Politiets håndtering af ofre for partnervoldPublic (National)Running01-12-2023