Changing in Time
Responsible: Professor Majken Schultz and Professor Tor Hernes
Funded by: The Tuborg Foundation
Project period: 2015-2018

This project focuses on how selected functions at Carlsberg and Arla engage in constructing their temporal trajectories, rooted in the past while oriented towards the anticipated future and how this work has changed over time. The research involves studying annual reports and interviews. We find that there are very significant differences in time horizons as well as in ways that time horizons are constructed by actors. Arla and Carlsberg are interesting to study, also because they operate in the food sector, which brings in additional aspects of temporality. On the one had there is nature, with cyclical temporalities and longer tersm risks of degradtion. On the other hand, there are consumers, who are both in a logic of instantaneity, in the sense that they want products to be available when they are needed, and a long-term temporality of wanting longer and healthier lives. The research intends to contribute towards knowledge about how actors construct their time.

The project is a continuation of a project that focused on the study of the identity transformation of Carlsberg Group 2009-2014, conducted by professor Majken Schultz and professor Emerita Mary Jo Hatch. One of the publications from this project addresses how organizational actors make use of the same historical artifact on different events, when creating a new future.  (Administrative Science Quarterly, 2017), while another publication shows how organizational identity and culture interrelates across time in the context of management change (Academy of Management Discoveries, 2015). That project was also funded by Tuborg Foundation.

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