Center for Public Organization, Value and Innovation (POVI)


Center for Health Management focuses on the conditions for management, organization and task performance in the healthcare sector. The center is the organizational framework for the development of research in healthcare management at a high international level.

The center’s research is developed and conducted in close dialogue with the health care sector and with a wide network of international healthcare researchers. We contribute to relevant and timely research within the healthcare sector, while simultaneously bringing new and advanced levels of empirical and analytical knowledge to the field of organizational sociology.

The Center for Health Management is situated at Department of Organization, CBS and is made up by a permanent staff of researchers as well as a number of PhDs and junior scholars. Methodologically, we primarily study the healthcare sector through qualitative case-studies and our main healthcare research subjects cover quality management, patient safety policy, process optimization, leadership development, professional identity, patient involvement, technology, healthcare innovation and more.

The center organizes a variety of activities that include:
•    Work-in-Progress seminars
•    Seminars for practitioners in the health care sector
•    National and international research conferences
•    Master-classes
•    Reading-groups
•    Education (on master and executive levels)

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