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Professor Tor Hernes & Professor Silviya Svejenova receive research grant

Professor Tor Hernes and Professor Silviya Svejenova receive research grant of DKK 6 million for their project: "The Temporality of Food Innovation"



Much research on innovations in society tends to overlook how innovations draw inspiration from the
past while addressing future scenarios. This project is built around what we call the “temporality of
innovations”, which focuses on how innovations are shaped by the ways in which actors imagine novel futures
while rethinking the past. The Danish food sector is an ideal context for studying the temporality of innovations
because it draws upon craft and traditions while inviting imagination of new futures with different
technologies, practices, habits, and ways of organizing. Furthermore, the Danish food sector is a particular
example of a field where actors at different levels contribute to changing the very meaning of food and its role
in society. We investigate how, in companies, at events, and across public institutions, food innovation
processes attentive to both the past and the future come to being and contribute to this societal change. Drawing
on findings from three sub-projects, we develop theoretically the notion of and framework on the temporality
of innovations. The empirical part of the project will address the research question:
How can the emergence and institutionalization of innovations in the Danish food sector be explained
through the lens of temporality?
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