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Peer Hull inaugural seminar


On October 13, 2016, Professor Emeritus Peer Hull gave his inaugural seminar.



On October 13, 2016, Professor Emeritus Peer Hull Kristensen gave his inaugural seminar. His presentation focused on the following: What are the advantages and dis-advantages of organization studies compared to economics? Is it possible to move towards a micro-study based political economy/economic sociology, and how? Dare organization sociologists study complex fields to reach diagnostic syntheses that point to solutions and interventions in dynamic evolutionary processes?
This seminar shortly presented what a couple of international networks have achieved in terms of moving organization studies toward the understanding of national system dynamics, the challenge of understanding governance in a world characterized by vertical disintegration, financialization and a constant experimental search for novel forms of organization and institutions.

Professor Glenn Morgan (University of Bristol) and Professor Gary Herrigel (The University of Chicago) were invited to comment and criticize Peer Hull Kristensen's presentation. Glenn Morgan focused on globalization and financialization, and how these developments effect the study of main trends and search for alternatives, whereas, Gary Herrigel had a special focus on how to discover pathbreaking organizational and institutional changes, and how to diagnose their governance challenges and search for complementary responses in systems of constant recomposition.

Afterwards, a reception took place at Department of Organization on the 4th floor of Kilen.



(Professor Glenn Morgan)



(Professor Gary Herrigel)

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