Leadership in the time of the corona


News article in Børsen today March 26, 2020: ‘Leadership in the time of the corona’ by Professors Majken Schultz and Tor Hernes, Department of Organization (IOA) @ CBS

Excerpts of the article:
‘Management is about time, not just about the time you have available, but also the time you are in. The current corona crisis accentuates everything. It magnifies the shifts and adjustments that managers constantly make. This applies not least to the navigation between different time horizons, which managers usually move effortlessly between.

From acting between time horizons that most people have taken for granted, leaders need to be at the forefront of formulating a new narrative that creates new connections between the different horizons for the future. Paradoxically, it is even more important now to think the long into the short precisely because immediate actions affect the long future. It is the effect of the type of time compression created by the Coronavirus.’

Please read the full article in the online Danish newspaper Børsen (only for subscriptions), pls cf this link

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