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Independent Research Fund Denmark: Thematic Funding on Green Transition


Independent Research Fund Denmark (Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond – DFF) - Thematic project on green transition (DKK 6 million):
Public Actors’ Capacities in the Governance of Green Transitions (CAPACITOR)

Research team:
Professor Susana Borrás (PI), Associate Professor Trine Pallesen, Associate Professor Stine Haakonsson, Department of Organization (IOA), Copenhagen Business School (CBS);  
Associate Professor René Taudal Poulsen, Department of Strategy and Innovation (SI) Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Assistant Professor Christian Hendriksen, Department of Operations Management, Copenhagen Business School (CBS);
Professor Dr. Jakob Edler, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI;
and 2 post docs.

Public actors (like municipalities, national agencies, public utilities) have been entrusted to reduce CO2 emissions, and are taking the lead in the governance of green transitions. However, the governance of green transitions is complex (coordinating many stakeholders, creating market and institutional contexts for investments, adapting standards and safety regulations, etc.). Hence, public actors need organizational capacities. CAPACITOR project asks, How are public actors developing and using their organizational capacities in the complex governance processes of green transitions? And, What specific combinations of public actors’ capacities are required for achieving green transitions? We will compare 24 in depth cases in the energy and maritime transport sectors, collecting data from 250+ interviews, 24 observations, and 450+ documents. The findings will help developing a theory on public actor’s organizational capacities for green transitions, and identifying deficiencies in current capacities.

Read more in the link above (only in Danish).

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