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13th Annual International Studying Leadership Conference

Welcome to ISLC conference - three days of productive scholarly dialogues and much more.


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Copenhagen Calling!

There are just a few days until the International Studying Leadership Conference in Copenhagen.

Three days of Leadership Conference

The Copenhagen Business School invites you to join us for the 13th Annual International Studying Leadership Conference on December 14, 15, and 16, 2014. We look forward to welcoming you to Copenhagen, and we look forward to hosting many productive scholarly dialogues and exchanges related to our conference theme, “Relevance and Rigour in Leadership Research and Practice.”

Three CBS departments are teaming up to organize this year’s ISLC: the Department of Intercultural Communication and Management, the Department of Organization, and the Department of Management, Philosophy, and Politics. The collaboration between these three collections of scholars exemplifies the interdisciplinary approach to studying leadership that has distinguished the ISLC conference since its inception 12 years ago.

Sponsorship from CCL

We would like to announce that the Center for Creative Leadership has graciously offered to sponsor our opening conference dinner at the Carlsberg Breweries. We are very grateful for this support and for the opportunity to open up a dialogue between the ISLC and practitioners of this calibre.

Full Conference Program and Paper Sessions

We are happy to make available all of the abstracts and full papers that conference participants have submitted. Please follow the links on the webpage for information about the conference theme and call for proposals, the conference program, our keynote speakers, the conference venue, accommodations, and registration.

Once again - we look forward to seeing you!

The Organizing Committee

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