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Conversation Series Calendar

Ethnography and Institutions (2018)
11th January 2018 at 1-4 pm.
Organizers: Susanne Boch Waldorff, Lærke Højgaard Christensen and Roddy Walker
In this seminar we wish to explore the understanding and analysis of situated activities and interactions, in relation to wider institutional conditions. We bring together two vibrant perspectives, which place institutional language and meanings at the center. The first is ‘Institutional Ethnography’ (Dorothy Smith, 2005) focusing on how social realities are brought into being within the always shifting and changing relations of ruling that are specific to a time and place. For the institutional ethnographer, ordinary daily activity becomes the site for an investigation of social organization. The second perspective is the well-established ‘Institutional theory’ (Scott, 1995), which is a theory of the deeper and more resilient aspects of social structure and the processes by which structures, including schemes, rules, norms, and routines, become established as guidelines for social behaviour. Within this perspective, recent developments have evoked a growing interest in ethnographic methods for exploring the micro-foundations of institutions. The aim of the seminar is to open up new research avenues and approaches for those interested.
“Institutional ethnography” by Rebecca W.B. Lund, Post. Doc., Gender studies,
Faculty of Social Science, University of Tampere, Finland. In her presentation, Rebecca will explain the general methodological implications of Institutional Ethnography, and her experiences in using the approach within her own work. Exploring what people do and how they do it involves the uncovering of institutional language, that is, objectifying concepts that are often treated as descriptive and neutral in everyday talk and action, but do in fact practice a particular form of power, and contain a concealed standpoint (Lund, 2012).
“Institutional theory and ethnography” by Tammar B. Zilber, Associate Professor of Organization Theory at Jerusalem School of Business, The Hebrew University, Israel.  Tammar will present the ways in which ethnographic methods may be applied to explore the micro-foundations of institutions. In her own work Tammar has explored the dynamics of meanings in institutional processes and suggests scholars go beyond meanings as embodied in verbal texts, to include the interfaces of meaning with material, visual and emotional aspects of institutions (Zilber, 2017). 
Open discussion. The talks will be followed by a more general discussion on if, and how, institutional ethnography may be coupled with institutional theory.
Institutional Interfaces: City Identity (2017)
December 15th, 10 am-12pm, K 4.74
Organizers: Eva Boxenbaum, Renate Meyer and Silviya Svejenova 
This seminar will explore the interface between institutional theory and city identity. More specifically, we will discuss opportunities for cross-fertilization between institutional theory and the literature on identity for empirical inquiry into how cities pursue and acquire a stronger or more visible identity. The discussion will revolve around two empirical papers to be presented and discussed at this event.
The first paper examines how multi-centenary family firms in the area of Kyoto - collectively known as shinise - help the city of Kyoto maintain its identity. This paper will be presented by Professor Davide Ravasi (Cass Business School) based on a paper that he has co-authored with Innan Sasaki and Evelyn Micelotta. 
The second paper investigates how the City of Sydney shapes collective understandings of the city through its strategy Sustainable Sydney 2030. Professor Markus Höllerer (WU Vienna) will present this paper, which is co-authored with Martin Kornberger and Renate Meyer. 
The event is open to all and pre-registration is not required. Please contact Eva Boxenbaum ( for full papers.
Future of organization studies: vibrant or withering? (2013)
Invited external academic speakers:
Michael Lounsbury, Associate Dean (Research), Professor and Thornton A. Graham Chair, University of Alberta, editor-in-chief of Research in the Sociology of Organizations and co-editor of Organization Studies
Frank den Hond, Professor of Management and Organisation, Hanken Business School and University Lecturer, Department of Organization Science, VU University Amsterdam, upcoming editor-in-chief of Organization Studies.
Lærke Højgaard Christiansen, PhD candidate, Department of Organization, CBS
Martin Kornberger, Professor m.s.o., Department of Organization, CBS
Position papers:
TWO REFLECTIONS Position paper for the CBS/IOA Conversation Series, 23 April 2013 Frank den Hond
In Defense of Organization and Management Theory (OMT): Challenges and Opportunities for Organization Studies, Conversation Series 2013, Michael Lounsbury
Tid: 23.04 kl.13.30-16.00
Sted: Copenhagen Business School, Kilen, Kilevej 14A, 2000 Frederiksberg K4.74
The role of images (verbal and visual) in organization research (2012)

Invited external academic speakers:

Roy Suddaby, Eldon Foote Chair in Law and Society, Eric Geddes Professor of Business, Director of Canadian Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility; Department of Strategy and Organization, University of Alberta and Australian School of Business, Editor-in-Chief of the Academy of Management Review
Joep Cornelissen, Professor of Communication and Organisation, VU University Amsterdam, General Editor of the Journal of Management Studies


Majken Schultz, Renate Meyer and Eva Boxenbaum, professors at the Department of Organization, Copenhagen Business School

Position papers:

Paper from Roy Suddaby

Paper from Joep Cornelissen

Tid: 17.09 kl. 9.00 -11.30
Sted: Copenhagen Business School, Kilen, Kilevej 14A, 2000 Frederiksberg, K.4.74
Future of organization studies (2012)

Invited external academic speakers:
David Courpasson, GDF-Suez professor of strategy and Chair of the Strategy & Business Policy department, HEC Paris, Editor-in-Chief of Organization Studies
Rodolphe Durand, Professor of sociology, Strategy and Organization department, EM Lyon 

Kristian Kreiner, Professor at Department of Organization
Susanne Ekman, Assistant Professor at Department of Organization

Position papers:

Courpasson discussion paper

Tid: 26.04 kl. 14.00-17.00
Sted: Kilen, Kilevej 14A, 4., 2000 Frederiksberg, K4.74
Conversations on Relevance and Engagement with Practice (2010)

Invited external academic speakers:

Andrew Van de Ven, Professor, Strategic Management and Organization, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota , USA.
Chris Grey, Professor, Industrial Relations & Organisational Behaviour, Warwick Business School, The University of Warwick, Coventry, UK

Morten Thanning Vendelø, Associate Professor, Department of Organization, Copenhagen Business School
Rikke Stampe Skov, Director, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, DK

Position papers:

Article by Majken Schultz for inspiration: Reconciling Pragmatism and Scientific Rigor

Tid: 08.10 kl. 9.00-12.00
Sted: Copenhagen Business School, Solbjerg Plads 3, 2000 Frederiksberg, SPs13 Velux Aud.
The first seminar on Conversations about the future of organization studies (2010)

Invited external academic speakers:

Mary Jo Hatch, Professor Emeritus at University of Virginia and Adjunct Professor at CBS
Eero Vaara, Chairman of European Group for Organization Studies (EGOS), Professor at Hanken School of Economics, Management and Organization, Helsinki and Adjunct Professor at CBS

Eva Zeuthen, Director, Gentofte hospital
Signe Vikkelsø, Associate Professor, IOA

Position papers:

Mary Jo Hatch - Future of OT Blurb

Eero Vaara Organization theory is not a problem but a solution

Tid: 15.03 kl. 9.00-12.00
Sted: Copenhagen Business School, Kilen, Kilevej 14A, 2000 Frederiksberg, K150


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