Department of Organization


Upcoming events

  • January 28th 2022, 12.00-13.30: Viktor Smith and Daniel Barratt will present their research on 'Food labelling'. at Kilen, KL.3.54.
  • March 25th 2022, 12.00-13.30: Bi-monthly FRN meeting at Kilen, KL.3.54 with Maria Figuerao: "Sharing our Experience about Teaching Sustainability of Food Consumption and Production at CBS"
  • May 27th 2022, 12.00-13.30: Bi-monthly FRN meeting at Kilen, KL.3.54. Preliminary presenter: Eric Guthey 



Previous events

  • February 17th 2021: Online FRN meeting. Irene Pace and Céline Delamare (KU) presented their research on the topic 'Gastronomy'
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